Toy Fair 2010: It’s here and Complicated Mama’s got the scoop!

14 Feb

For the next few days I will be attending Toy Fair 2010, in NYC- where I will be complicating my booth appointments at Javits getting the scoop on all the latest and greatest toys.

I’ll be sharing all of the fab toy trends hitting the toy world in 2010 via The Big Toy Book’s You Tube Channel .

Here is an Up-to-date playlist of video footage for you to scroll through (with the arrows on the sides)

And a live Whrrl story for you to follow (or join if you are at the show!)

Powered by Whrrl

So follow along with us & look out for The Big Toy Book Tweets, and updates for Facebook Fans

Lots of options to stay up to date- lots of toys to be covered!

Follow however you choose, just please choose to stop by and say “Hi!” with some comment love so I don’t get too lonely in the VERY VERY large Jacob Javits Center.


AKA- Complicated Mama

You can also check out our visit at Hasbro’s showroom here:

Powered by Whrrl


Posted by: Corine/@complicatedmama
A member of the blogging community since 2003, Corine is mother of  2 beautiful children under 5 years old.  In addition to her work with The Big Toy Book, she is also the owner and editor of .  She is also a contributing writer for The NYMetropolista (movers, shakers and baby makers) and


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