Latex allergies can make toy buying tough. Bandai puts one Mom's concerns at ease.

25 Feb

GUEST POST By: Barb of Elementary Spirits

No Latex Here!

No Latex Here!

Being a mom has its challenges. Being the mom of a special needs child, though, brings challenges to a whole new level. That is why when you find an individual or a company that goes above and beyond to make your life a little easier you want to tell the world about it.

My son is allergic to latex. Latex is essentially natural rubber. It is a very common component of many items and sadly, until a few years ago it was found in almost every type of toy. It is in rubber balloons so places like Chuck E. Cheese are hard to manage let alone telling him all the cheap rubber toys all the other kids have is just not OK for him.

Through the years I have called many, many companies asking if their products contained latex but I have never had a company go to the extent that Bandai did to make sure for me. My son wanted a Ben 10 Omnitrix watch like all his friends had. I asked the other moms, most were sure it probably had latex. Through the years all my mom friends have gotten very good about detecting it.

I called Bandai expecting to be told it did but what I got was a very nice girl who told me that she wasn’t sure but she would find out. “Yeah, right” I thought. I let it go, told my son it was latex and thought that was it. A few days later Bandai showed up on my caller ID. I answered to find the young girl I had previously talked to profusely apologizing that it took so long but she had contacted the legal departmentĀ  who then contacted the actual plant manager in China to make sure that no latex was used in the manufacturing process. I was speechless that she and her colleagues had gone to so much work to answer my question.

We happily wheeled off to Target to get his watch and lots of other Ben 10 toys he had been eying and I became a loyal Bandai fan because as every mother of a special needs child knows it is the small little things that let our kids have the same experiences as their peers that really matter. Thanks to Bandai going that extra mile, Carter is able to beam his aliens with the best of them and thats all we really want.

About the Blogger:

Barb Likos is anything but your “average“‘ -“Mommy Blogger”, Yes she’s a Mom- Yes she blogs- but this Home schooling Mom of 2 is also the owner and operator of her company Chaotic Communications, which runs several successful websites & online forums-including: The Coupon Cupboard, Elementary Spirts, SpinaBifidaConnection and Between Talk– which her tween sons both help her run

She is one busy mom who is truly amazing, we are not sure how she does it all!

You can follow Barb on Twitter @Chaotic_barb


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