From Mismatched Tots to Teens with Sweet 16's -Where does the time go?

2 Mar
Sometimes when I am traveling through the blogosphere, whether it be on twitter, blogs or forums- I begin to miss the days my children were in “The Sweet Spot” for the cool toys being introduced.
You see, working in the toy industry, the Moms that I speak to in the blogosphere most- have young children. So even though, I am a Mom- I’m often reminded that I am not the Mom of babies any more… and sometimes, it makes me feel OLD.
I have lots of nieces that are still in that age group, my sisters girls are 8 and 5 (yes, we’re a family of ALL girls) who  I love playing with. My 3 (yes, 3) teenage girls however -are out of the “sweet spot” -though they still help me and the team with our toy evaluations because even as teens- kids are as  honest as it comes.
That being said, beyond toys-  My journey through the stages of parenting has left me with so much insight that I love to share with the “newer” Mom’s – because let me tell you… there’s nothing like teenagers!
When you watch your 3 and 4 year olds asserting their independence by insisting on picking out their own clothes,  your biggest issue is deciding whether or not it’s worth the fight when nothing they have on matches… but just wait til’ you see what teens can piece together!
Sometimes I bite my tongue and other times I say “ask your dad if he likes it” because typically– he is tougher on this issue than I am.  Then again, there a was a dress code violation a few months ago with my middle daughter- who had went dress shopping without me for a Sweet 16 she had been invited to.
The night of the party she waltzed down the steps about 3 minutes before her ride was coming to pick her up.  I took one look and sent her right back upstairs.  She didn’t pout, she didn’t cry, she didn’t say boo.  She came back down, dressed much more appropriately, handed me the dress in question… without question…..because she already knew.  I didn’t even have to raise my voice on this one.
When did my role as Fashion Police-Mom transition from approving mismatched outfits to approving what they believe to be “cool trendy” dresses?
This is the same child who at 3, used to come back from anywhere…so dirty!!  She had a little song she would sing to me that went simply “I’m a dirty kid and I don’t care”.  We still sing it to her to this day!

And while she is a bit older than in this photo and her appearance and wardrobe choices may have changed….there is still so many things that have remained the same. 🙂 When we bake together, most of the flour still ends up all over her just like in this picture. My little girl, even as a teenager- still loves any chance she gets to be messy. And just today I had to leave work early, as this same daughter of mine was still calling for Mom when she didn’t feel good at school. …Of course, today the school nurse isn’t the first to alert me, now I receive text messages (and yes, probably from class), but the need is still the same. She is still my baby.
So babies by age, or babies in our hearts (always), there are still doctors to run to, tears to wipe,  hugs that feel even better when they are older (because they are not as generous with them as they were when they were  little & mismatching clothes), and important opinions being formed on burning hot topics… like  who is better- Buzz Lightyear or Mr Potato Head…  I’ll keep you posted as my family and I tackle this tough one! 😉


2 Responses to “From Mismatched Tots to Teens with Sweet 16's -Where does the time go?”

  1. Jackie March 3, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

    Reading this almost makes me want to cry, thinking of my little baby girl being all grown up! My husband and I remark to each other every day how she is growing up right before our eyes. She isn't even the little mushy baby she was at two months now that she is 4 and 1/2 months. Now she is squirmy and wiggly, and wants to be on the move even though she can't quite get there by herself. And now she has started cereal! ::tear:: The thought of her becoming a teenager is just too much!

  2. Jeanelle Nawrocki March 24, 2010 at 6:06 pm #

    thanks for the great post

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