Leap Frog Tag Junior- Is 16 Months really too young?

3 Mar


Is there an issue with giving my 16 month old a Leap Frog Tag Junior? He loves books, but didn’t know if there was any reason not to give it to him, as it is recommended for 2 years +.

-Twitter Follower, Abby Winters

There are two key reasons that manufacturers of all toys list an age, first and foremost is safety.  On this particular item, I don’t believe that’s much of an issue (we always worry about small parts and choking for any child under 3….and sharp or pointy edges for all children…but that is not really relevant with the Tag Junior).

The second reason they age a product is because a young child can get very frustrated with an item that is too difficult or complicated.
There’s an enormous difference in growth, physically and mentally from 16 months to 24 months.  For this reason, I do think that your child will enjoy this much more in a few months.
That being said, Leap Frog‘s Tag Junior is a sensational item that will enforce your child’s love of books and I highly recommend it for the age intended. It could make a great gift for your little one’s 2nd Birthday! 🙂
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One Response to “Leap Frog Tag Junior- Is 16 Months really too young?”

  1. LeapFrog Tina March 5, 2010 at 9:39 pm #

    Thanks for the kind words, Toy Insider Mom!

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