All Families are not Created Equal and Neither are Toys

8 Mar


GUEST POST By: Taneesha of Diva Moms NYC

Today, mothers are staying home and raising children in addition to running businesses. Some moms are choosing to not be married at all and raise a family. The possible combination of family make-ups are mind boggling no two are alike.


I recently interviewed The Gonzalez Cruz, a family that is made up of 2 moms and 4 children all of which have Special Needs.

At first glimpse this family may seem like an oddity when you are looking for the typical 2 parent household.


The parents are 2 moms devoted to taking care of  4 kids- 3 who are adopted and may otherwise not have been taken care of.  Their household is a busy one. In addition to the children, there are also 5 loveable Shit’Zus who greet you as soon as you make your entrance into their home.


With 4 children as you can imagine there are tons of toys and gadgets around the house. I asked Mom Vanessa, which ones get the most play time and if she had any suggestions to toy companies out there who may be considering creating a toy based on her kids needs.

Her biological son Justin (14 years) and her oldest daughter, Joy (16 year) though they have their special needs, are very much the typical teen in many aspects.  Justin loves video games and all things Pokémon. Joy- you can never get off the phone!


However when it comes to Ethan “Ya-Ya”( 9 years old) and Maya (1 year old) who both suffer for severe disabilities of their own (Ethan- autisim & mental retardation and Maya with severe medical issues) Vanessa said she has had most success with V-Tech toys.


Vanessa said with Ethan “Ya-Ya”, it’s hard to get toys for him because his attention span is so short. Ethan suffers from severe Autism and Mental Retardation. Vanessa said she finds even though some toys are suggested for children with Autism it’s usually limited to mild forms or Aspergers Syndrome. Since there aren’t any toys currently on the market that target his special need, she usually buys him 6-9 month old toys.

Maya, the baby of the house is one and has severe health issues but is just as active as any 1 year old. Vanessa said for Maya she has many VTech toys. She feels Vtech is the far better choice for mentally stable children. “The toys are great, I am a big VTech fan (because) they have incorporated so much learning into their toys

As for suggestions,she says she wishes that companies like Vtech would make larger versions of their successful interactive baby toys which would be perfect for children that are like Ethan who need an equal balance of Sound, Lights and Interactivity. She even suggested the concept of making a larger for version of the Entertainment Play Center that they have for babies. She says Ethan is constantly fascinated by the one they have for Maya but he is too big to sit in it.

These children were born with a disadvantage and although they are not “normal” by society’s standards they are in a house filled with Love, Warmth, Affection and Attention and most importantly structure which are all the qualities required for being a Normal Parent.

About The Blogger:

A Native New Yorker and Selectively Single Mom with a 14 year old son.  Taneesha is a freelance Writer, Model, Blogger and Founder of DivaMomsNYC. “A Place for not so Ordinary Moms.”

She believes there is no such thing as the perfect mom or the perfect family, everyone is different but when it comes to what we want for our children we are usually the same. Always following her entrepreneurial spirit, She is working on launching a full DivaMomsNYC website and currently presenting  seminars to women who want to start their own businesses around NYC  . When she has spare time she enjoys traveling with her son, reading, dancing painting, indulging in cupcakes, discovering new ventures and sharing information related to Parenting/Teens.


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    Interesting blog you got here but I can’t seem to find the RSS button.

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