The Teen Insider… decoding the world of teens

11 Mar


When it comes to Teens, they aren’t always eager to open up to Mom (I know mine aren’t). So what’s a parent to do when they want so badly to be able to understand and relate to their teen?  Well the truth is, if you’re looking for advice about a teenager… the best thing to do is to …  ask a teenager.

I’ve asked my middle daughter, Brittany to become part of this blog by talking about some issues weighing on parents minds regarding their teens and also responding to parents who may want to annonymously submit questions to her as the “Teen Insider”.

I didn’t give her much direction except to become involved, read through some of my blogs and write down some thoughts. Her first blog is below.  I think she’s off to a great start!!

-Laurie, The Toy Insider Mom

Meet our official Teen Insider- Brit


Usually it’s the adult who doesn’t understand how to work these social networking pages, but as I attempt to begin my first blog- I am quickly realizing that I am the one trying to learn and understand, while my moms’ running with several pages and blogs.

As a teenager, we grow and we learn about the new technology. And the older we get, the more it improves. Our parents didn’t have what we have now, the computers, the phones, the networking device to keep in touch with friends from all over the world. But now ask, is this good or bad for us?

Before texting, every conversation was was face to face; however now every conversation, from catching up with an old friend, to breaking up with a boyfriend is through text.  As a teenager, I ask, are our communication skills being hampered? Do we have the ability to have a conversation that is face to face and actually shows emotion?  As we grow older, and our technology improves, are our conversation skills decreasing from overuse of staring at a screen?

We live in a world that makes communication easy, that helps us keep and make new friends from all over the world, but sometimes I wonder if it will leave us lacking quite a bit in our everyday dilemmas- especially when we need to solve problems in the workforce. Will we fire (or find out we were fired) from a job by text? I hope we can figure out how to make technology more face to face friendly.

– Brit

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2 Responses to “The Teen Insider… decoding the world of teens”

  1. Emily Art March 12, 2010 at 8:29 pm #

    Great article! As much as I LOVE technology (and my paycheck depends on it), I can't help but miss a handwritten letter in the mail or a face to face chat over a cup of coffee! I think your generation is missing a lot when it comes to personal relationships. Playing together, hanging out, etc… Not just IM'ing/texting each other.

    Good luck on your blog!

  2. Vicki Gallagher March 12, 2010 at 8:35 pm #

    Great post and great point. I have a friend who insists on hearing about "BIG" news in person or over the phone (if you can't meet face to face for some reason). I am an avid texter but I can appreciate the merits of a face to face chat.

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