Spring Toys & Easter Baskets – Twitter Party Recap

26 Mar


Wow! What a great time we had at The Big Toy Book Spring Twitter Party last night! In the true Big Toy Book style, we pre-partied with many of you from Noon til 5  and even went into an after party (so many toys, so little time! ). In addition to our  many fabulous prize packs won, we had great participation and lots of ideas shared for both spring play and Easter baskets.

It is always nice to see our regulars, as well being able to welcome some new friends too!  These twitter parties happen so quickly that we thought it would be great to go over some of the new and fun items that we gave away.  -Some of our lucky winners are receiving toys that have not even hit store shelves yet!!
Since we’ve all been talking to much about games lately, let’s begin there.
Bubble Talk, by Techno Source (*not on shelves yet, but we have a few more for our Friday giveaways.)
This is a great game that I’ve already mentioned my family loves (and remember, I have teens that are very picky).   It’s an easy game to play. You simply place a photo in the middle for players (or teams) to use the “Thought bubble” cards they’ve been dealt to find the funniest caption the photo. Once everyone has submitted their caption, the judge of the round picks the best one (new judge every round).  The player/team that makes the most “funnies” wins!! (Our own teen insider is quite good at this game).
Guesstimation by Discovery Bay Games
This is another new favorite! I was never good at trivia and would hide when a trivia game came out to play…but no more!  In Guesstimation, the closest guess wins! So we all have a chance to win- everyone can guess! A question will be asked, for example:  “How many pizza’s are made each day in NYC”. Everyone then puts in their guess and even if you’re off by millions- if you are the closest you will win the round.  It’s a lot of fun and as with all games, the appeal is that every time you play a game…it’s different.  The other appeal is that games are priced well!
The Wave G2 by Street Surfing
Spring is in the air and when the rain subsides, pull out that bikes, scooters and especially the Wave G2!  The Wave is an inline action board. It’s a combination of surfing  and skating and it’s an awesome ride.  My kids are great, I’m better on their Whiplash (I need to hold on).
Crayola, Crayola, Crayola
It’s a name we all grew up with, and continue to find new reasons to love it today. At our Pre-Party, we gave away Jumble Blocks. These are great chunky blocks for little hands.  They come in packs of 12 and 20 and are ideal for keeping little hands busy and active while on the go- so be sure to keep 3 or 4 (various colors) in your diaper bag at all times!
Crayola Dry Erase Travel Kit (*not yet on shelves)
We talked about this product a few weeks ago and so we just had to give one away.  This is a product I wouldn’t leave home without, it is perfect for keeping in the car so it’s “special” for traveling, making your look forward to those long rides (or at least keep them busy for them!).
More great outdoor fun by Crayola. You put the chalk in the spinner, attach to the launcher, give a twist and create beautiful colorful designs on the sidewalk.  I tested this one out on 5th ave in front of my office – 5th avenue sidewalks have never looked so pretty
Speaking of toys I’ve played with on 5th avenue,
Optrix 3D Butterfly Dip and Blow Bubble Set from Imperial Toy
This toy was included in one of the baskets we gave away at the Party. It’s truly the best and is perfect for both spring and Easter baskets. Here’s the scoop-
Like many bubble sets, you put bubbles in the tray and use a wand— but, unlike other bubble sets–Ready for this?
You put on special glasses and can watch (in the sunlight) how your magic bubbles create butterflies.  You had to see the crowd on 5th watching me blow bubbles… kind of funny!


Disney Fairies Tiny Tink & Friends Pop-Up Tea Kettle Playset by Playmates

What little girl doesn’t love Disney Fairies?  This is the only small doll mini playset where girls can bring the magic of Disney to life through a beautiful Tea Kettle playset.

. .

Ugly Dolls

What party would be complete without these lovable, adorable, ugly guys? Certainly not a Big Toy Book Party! I have one in my office, my teenage girls beds are lined with them (still) and my 8yr old niece has a full collection too. Even the President’s daughter is a fan- and who can blame all of us? They are so ugly but so cute! They come in various sizes and are popularly collected by school kids on their backpacks.


Rubiks Touch Cube, by Techno Source

This was our final Grand Prize… and what a prize it is! It has what I refer to as the “i” touch technology and is really cool for all ages. Best of all, never again will you be left twisting the cube, and never finding the solution.   Play it alone, challenge yourself with friends, but most of all- as with all of the toys we talk about- Have fun!!


All items we talked about at the party are available to purchase on The Big Toy Book Store, where you can also view a complete list of our spring toy suggestions.

We look forward to seeing you at our  TGIF Friday giveaways at 2pm (et) every week as well as staying in touch all week long, and helping make you toy purchasing experience easy and enjoyable at your favorite destination, The Big Toy Book!

Happy Spring!



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