Collectible Toys- for show or for play?

7 Apr


When I was a child, my mother started a Barbie collection for me.  Swan Lake Barbie, Holiday Barbie, Nutcracker Barbie- I have them all still in their box, just as picture perfect as the day I received them.

I can remember in my late teenage years, I would often tell my Mom how silly I thought the collection was. All of these beautiful Barbies- never touched or played with- and never will be.

Years later, I now have a better appreciation for the collection my mother started for me years ago for sentimental reasons- though when I look at the dolls in their boxes I still think “she should have let me play with these”.

Because of this, now as I  look forward to starting my own daughter with a doll collection, I find myself being drawn to the plush dolls she can play with, like those in Madame Alexander’s “Play Alexander” line. These still may not be something I would want an 18 month old teething on, but when she is older and able to care of them better I believe she will love playing with them.

There is however already one play-friendly collection I have started with my children at a very young age.

I’m talking about….

… Mr. Potato Head.

I am not sure when this collection started,  could have been a birthday or Christmas but over the years we have collected many different types of Potato Heads since you can find them for just about every occasion, holiday and profession- there are even Spud Bud Pets!

It seems there are many other Potato Head fans out there too- because this Easter, Spud-Bunny was impossible to find in local stores and the week before Easter these cute little bunny toys were only  available on line !

My kids love their Potato Heads. It encourages them to use their imagination and they love mixing up the characters facial features and accessories to make silly faces.

This fall Think Way Toys is introducing a Toy Story Mr. Potato Head that will allow for traditional play but will also have the animated functions as well (and yes, it even comes with a set of “angry eyes”!) This is sure to be a hot item come this holiday season that I am sure will be on my kids lists.

When it comes to our Mr. Potato Head collection, I am not sure they will stay as perfect as they were when they first arrived- but some toy collections aren’t meant to stay perfect. Sometimes worn in toys equal well loved toys and for us- that is what Mr. Potato Head is- well loved.

Do you collect any particular toy for your child? Do you let them play with it or do you keep it in the box for value in years to come?



One Response to “Collectible Toys- for show or for play?”

  1. Laurie April 8, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

    Mr Potato Head has always been a favorite of mine too…and this holiday version from Thinkway Toys is awesome!! He's as great as the movie.
    And I too believe that kids should be playing with their toys…there's a great joy in watching how happy a toy makes your child!
    The Toy Insider Mom

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