It's an Eco-Friendly Play Celebration!

12 Apr


Earth Day is just 10 days away and we want to celebrate!

Starting today through April 22nd (Earth Day), we will be talking about the benefits of Eco-Friendliness as it applies to all things play.

So what changes and trends have we noticed in the toy industry over the past few years?


May retailers that once had print catalogs are now putting more resources in promoting their products online in an effort to not only follow the shopping trends, but to conserve paper usage.


Steering away from the once standard, Styrofoam packing many toy manufacturers are using recycled paper and cardboard when packaging and sending their products.


Many manufacturers are introducing toy lines that are more eco-friendly. Materials like organic cotton, soy based inks and rubber wood are being used in lieu plastics and and chemically treated materials.

Organic toys are not only more environmentally friendly but they are healthier for children to play with… Especially when your child is teething and chewing on every toy she can get her hands on.

It is typically believed that Organic Toys are attached to a hefty price tag- however as our Toy Trend Expert, Reyne Rice points out in her latest edition of “Reyne Talks Toys” on – that is not always the case in 2010.

Not only can Eco-friendly toys be affordable but there are some truly adorable ones out there this year as well  and we look forward to highlighting some of our favorites for you over the next 10 days via our blog, twitter (using hashtag #TBTBEarthDay) and our Facebook page.

Join us in our 10 day Earth Day Celebration!

In addition to our chatter and answering some questions you may have about Eco-friendly toys- We will also be giving you the chance to win some of the same great toys we will be talking about during our next 2  TGIF Giveaways on Twitter (Fridays, 2pm ET)– So be sure to stay tuned!

In the mean time, we’d love to know your thoughts on Eco-friendly toys.

Do you purchase them?

Do you have any favorites- or ones you’d love to know more about?



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