Connecting with Moms Online and Entering Our Comfort Zone

27 Apr

I cry.
I’m one of those moms that every time I go see something that the kids are in,something that they did, I have to wear the big sunglasses because- I cry!
When my first was growing up, I cried the most- she took her first steps, I cried. We took her to her first Broadway show, I cried (there was nothing like seeing it through her eyes.), graduations- cried.

My two oldest marched down main street with their band in Disney world… forget about it- those tears were only surpassed by the ones that followed when they performed on stage at Disney the next day

And my kids? they laugh every time they see me with those glasses because they know I’m crying… and I will always say “it’s just allergy’s”- but they know.
When my oldest, Jordana, was in her senior year of high school there were numerous times she would walk into the kitchen and see that I just finished crying, because I knew that my time with her living under my roof was coming to an end. I knew she would still come home (she does) and call (she does)… but I also knew it wouldn’t be the same.   And now when I think about Brit (a junior in high school and your very own Teen Insider) and the fact that we are beginning to look at schools for her….well, I’m already crying.
Funny thing is that this blog post was not supposed to be about this, but as I sat down and as last Friday’s twitter giveaway is still with me because it was awesome! I realize that I am making friends, connections on this site and so sharing things like this is becoming natural for me.

While our Friday giveaways are about toys and prizes I am also finding that it is becoming a true give and take about not only toys but parenting,our kids and about being moms.
We have some very exciting things going on in the world of toys and play here at The Big Toy Book which we will be talking about in length- but right now I wanted to talk about us, about moms, and about the moments that stay with us (even if we cry) as we watch proudly while our children grow up before our eyes and become independent.
As moms, when we find places to connect (here, I hope for all of you), we have a place to share exciting things in our lives, a place to look for advice, and a place that is comfortable.
Although I’ve lost most of my “me” time lately, I used to do a lot of yoga.  There was a time, after  years of practicing that I went into downward dog- a simple pose that I had done what seemed like forever and it actually it felt right, comfortable.  There was my zone.  So the few times that I make “me time”, no matter the challenge in the pose, downward dog is my comfort zone, where I can relax and breathe.
And for me, is starting to get that same comfort feeling- and I am loving every minute of it. .  What began as two moms in forefront has now turned into a team of the fab five! What began as a weekly chat to win toys, has turned into talking about the kids, their schools, their behavior, and making new friends, and perhaps most importantly, What began as a destination to shop, is turning into a destination to connect.
– Laurie


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