Weight Loss Journey's Can Change When Family Motivates

3 May


GUEST POST By: Katie Heine of My Life As A Navy Wife


I wasn’t always obese. Yes, I will admit this is what my Wii Fit tells me I am when I weigh myself.

In 2006 I was at my highest weight- 230 pounds and between a size 20 and 22. I wasn’t happy. I was convinced in order to get a man I needed to lose weight so I joined weight watchers in early 2007.

Shortly after joining Weight Watchers, I met my husband who he accepted me for who I was. Being in the Navy, my husband watches his weight since he has to follow certain regulations and his healthy habits (well some of them lol) have also helped me. I slowly started to lose a few pounds here and there after we got married due to the changes we made with our eating habits, but I still was obese.

When we got pregnant the first time, I lost the baby- it was a horrible experience for us. I then started to have several other medical problems manifest, and in late 2008, with a family history of diabetes- my weight issues began to get serious.


My weight loss journey was a slow process starting out because I had no idea where to start. I was never a big fan of working out. I wasn’t a runner; I could barely jog and never could run well when I was younger. And with food, well it was (and still is) a love hate relationship. I am an emotional eater. I use food to cope when I’m anxious, depressed and even excited!


So I joined Spark People, a site that I had looked into once before but never truly used it. This time Spark People was different for me. I used it to complete in challenges, learn about tracking food, and finding other resources.  I also entered a contest and won sessions with a personal trainer who helped me immensely. She helped me focus on the goal that I had, which was to have a baby and be healthier. My trainer kept me in line with my eating habits by looking over my food journal and I learned how to do workouts at home, outside and at the gym. Before I knew it 20 pounds were gone.


When I was finally at a weight that I hadn’t been 7 years- a miracle happened. I became pregnant. I was planning on keeping with some type of fitness program, but was terrified that something would go wrong with my pregnancy, so I stopped. I was lucky that I only gained 26 pounds with my pregnancy and we welcomed our first son into the world in October 2009. Shortly after, I lost all the baby weight  but I still had weightloss goals.


This time I had to try and fit weight loss and fitness into my life with a young infant that required all my attention and a husband that was often working away from home.  I turned to the tools I had right in my home- Wii Fit, workout videos, and our Gazelle (an elliptical like machine).  In addition to SparkPeople, I found a wonderful Sistahood in Mamavation. Mamavation a social media program that uses Twitter, blogging, and other social media outlets to help moms support moms. There are so many amazing women with amazing stories. The group provides daily encouragement and prompts to get your workout in and drink your water and if I have a bad week, I  blog about it and receive amazing support from these gals who are going through the same things that I am.


My motivation for my weight loss goals have changed from when I first started this journey. Yes, I’d love to look better, but more importantly I want to be able to play with my son, run with my husband, conceive another child, and be able to live a healthier and fuller life without medical problems.


Right now my mission is to lose 30 before I turn 30. I have until August, if I don’t  meet it, that is ok, but if I do it will be wonderful. The most important tips I can offer to other Mom’s looking to start a weight loss journey of their own is to make sure you have great support & set clear goals. And when you reach those goals (and you will!) be sure to reward yourself!


About the Blogger:

A small town girl from West Virginia who now gets to ‘travel’ thanks to the Navy, Katie enjoys being an “in the know” Mom and can be found blogging on her site My Life As A Navy Wife. Katie is passionate about her family and discussing various topics online, such as: weight loss, military spouse issues, and being a mom. She hopes to show that any one can overcome any situation that life can throw at you, since she went from having a career in mental health to being a SAHM, married to the love her life who comes and goes as the tide does, and still finds a way to stand on her two feet, most days.

One Response to “Weight Loss Journey's Can Change When Family Motivates”

  1. complicatedmama May 3, 2010 at 1:55 pm #

    Great inspiring post!

    Your little one is ADORABLE.

    I agree that having a great support system in place is SO important in weight loss and I've heard great things about Mamavation!

    Best of luck to you in your journey!

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