#thebigtoybook TGIF Giveaway! … Toy Story Mania

17 Jun


Its almost Friday…and to add to the excitement– this Friday is Toy Story 3 day!

All across the country little ones will be rushing with their parents to see this new flick and we don’t know about you- but its all we can talk about!

This Friday during our TGIF Giveaway we will be talking more about this lovable movie!


JOIN US For Some Toy Story Mania…

Friday, June 18th 2pm Eastern


No RSVP necessary – just jump on in-  follow #thebigtoybook hashtag on Twitter.


THIS WEEK TO WIN – you will need to be brushed up on your Toy Story facts and ready to answer some fun Trivia questions.


See you there! 🙂


One Response to “#thebigtoybook TGIF Giveaway! … Toy Story Mania”

  1. paulakap8 June 17, 2010 at 9:21 am #

    Cant wait my kids LOVE toy story!!

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