Online Private Sale Alert! Cloud B up to 55% off

12 Jul


Look at this little guy! Doesn’t he just call to you “Snuggle with me”?


All of Cloud B‘s plush make the best snuggle friends. And with Cloud B’s exclusive aromatherapy lavender blend tucked inside each (that is easy to remove for washing), children sleep more soundly with these cuddly pals by their side.


For years, Lavendar’s calming scent has been recommended to sooth babies to help mom’s put their little one’s down for bed time as well as nap time.  With this in mind, Cloud B added an entire line  of aromatherapy plush pillows! Could it get any more perfect?


Neither of my children were born good sleepers. My oldest has fussed his way to sleep from the day he was born and still does 5 years later. My youngest, though now an excellent sleeper went through a period of being colic!  So believe me, I have tried every sleep recommendation out there- warm milk, walks in the fresh air, rides in the car-  but the one thing I have always used to help settle them down for sleep time was the scent of lavender.  For parents of cranky babies, Lavendar can be a life saver  because it truly is calming (for both baby and Mom  😉 .


The aromatherapy pillows are offered in a wide variety of animals too! From, Sleep Sheep to Lady Bugs, Giraffes, Pups &  Turtles there is a perfect pillow pal for every little one- and they are just the perfect size to take on the go for those long car rides!

They make an especially great gift for new moms and are perfect holiday gifts for infants and toddlers.

Today through July 17th, The Big Toy Book’s Online Private Sale Store have great deals on both the aromatherapy pillows and plush animals from Cloud B- with savings up to 55% off!

Happy Shopping!




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