29 Jul

If you were to visit our house, you would without a doubt hear “EMMO” being chanted by my {almost} 2 yr old, over and over- along with the occasional “cooo-kieee”, in her raspiest voice. I’m not sure when this all started, but it is certain- much like her parents in the 80’s, this child loves her Sesame Street.

So if your little one is as Elmo-obsessed as mine, then this next private sale is for you…. and me too! 😉

Beginning today, The Big Toy Book’s online private sale store will feature deals up to 40% off Sesame Street playsets by K’nex!

The K’nex Sesame Street Neighborhood collection allows your child to build the neighborhood they know and love the most- Sesame Street. They can build their favorite characters as well as buildings and cars. The building blocks in these sets are chunky and made especially for little hands.


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