Starting A New School: Is It Scarier for Moms, Than Kids?

17 Aug


This year my son is entering Kindergarten and he doesn’t seem to be even the slight bit nervous.

In fact, he’s excited.

Me, on the other hand? I unfortunately cannot say the same.


I was ok with the idea of Kindergarten up until this month, but as school approaches- I find myself worrying about everything.


The thought moving on to big-kid-school… with 5th graders in the same building … as my baby- frightens me something awful.

And even though, Im sure the interaction between 5th graders and Kindergarteners is few and far between, I worry about what he will learn from “the big kids” that he will no doubt idolize.

I can’t help it.  Up until now, I have had control over everything he is exposed to and taught – day in and day out- giving up part of that control to people, and other children that I do not know- is scary.

It is also scaring me that it is now just 2 weeks before school, and I have yet to receive any notice as to if he will be in the AM class or the PM class… or what supply he will need for that matter.

I keep telling myself, “It’s Kindergarten! Get a Grip!”… but I can’t because its not only my son who is the newbie, it is me.

And being a newbie is scary.


Did you worry about these things when your children entered Kindergarten?

What things did  you find yourself worrying about  that were completely silly in retrospect?

– Corine


2 Responses to “Starting A New School: Is It Scarier for Moms, Than Kids?”

  1. Laurie August 18, 2010 at 7:26 am #

    Corine, I remember this like it was yesterday and everything that you are feeling is what we all feel, so you are not alone. Your son will love Kindergarten and he will come home happy, learning, and with lots of wonderful things for you to put on your walls. This is the beginning of letting go and letting him grow…and it's hard to do, but even at this young age, your son will remember all the things he has learned at home and remember them at school. Yes, he will idolize the big kids…but he will hear your voice before he does anything that he thinks you wouldn't approve of.
    This doesn't get easier…you will cry your eyes out after you put him on the bus (I did…so wear glasses and DO NOT let him see you cry…save it till the bus leaves). Try not to follow the bus to school (yes, I did that the first time…very silly). (continued…..

  2. Laurie August 18, 2010 at 7:26 am #

    continued…….You will cry when he moves onto first grade, a new school…and you will cry for months before he leaves for college! But it's all good…and it will go as fast as I am writing. Just enjoy him and enjoy all of the wonderful things that he will learn in school. By the way, watching them learn to read is like taking their first steps…it's just as amazing!
    Laurie, The Toy Insider Mom

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