Silly Bandz: There’s an App For That! -And A Book Too!

20 Aug


Silly Bandz, Crazy Bandz, Googly Bandz, Zany Bandz … they can be found all over my house. My teenage sister loves them, my kindergartner trades them and my 2 year old fashionista wears them as bracelets, arm bands and sometimes even anklets.

We here at The Big Toy Book have been talking about this trend since early Spring. Our Toy Book Mom, Jackie even gave an interview about this hot toy trend to the New York Times!

And here we are months later talking about them some more, as the Bands continue to make news.

Today while reading up on our sister site The Toy Book,  I saw an article about 2 new products coming out by Simon and Schuster, that is taking the “Band Craze” to the next level.

From The Toy Book:

Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing has announced the release of The Band Book, a book dedicated to the rubber band craze that is popular with kids today. The Band Book features funny pictures, trivia, and an “Ultimate Collector’s Checklist” that includes a complete listing of all bands.”

I am interested in seeing the collector’s check list because I am pretty certain I have all of them and some of those bands are tough to figure out, so I think the trivia could be fun for both kids and parents! You know you have looked at one of them before and thought “What.. in.. the world?

But what’s more? … There’s an App for that!

That’s right- “The Band App” is also available on iTunes! (What will they think of next?)

The App will also include a “Guess The Band” feature as well as a create your own band feature where you can create fun new shapes like this one!


So what do you think?

How many Bands do your kids own?

Will they buy the book?  The App? Both?

– Corine


One Response to “Silly Bandz: There’s an App For That! -And A Book Too!”

  1. sonya November 15, 2010 at 11:20 pm #

    i love silly bandz i have 107 of them and i got the collecters book in scholastic so i really want to see what it is like and im excited to get it its coming in two weeks

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