The Toy Insider Mom: Making Her List, Checking it twice…

26 Aug


Can you even believe we have almost finalized our holiday toy list for The Toy Insider?? It’s true!

But “it’s just August”– right? Here it doesn’t matter!

The toys that are listed we’ve been watching grow since October 2009… and some even from 2008!! That’s how long it takes to get from idea-to first showing- to production and then to store delivery.  Crazy right?

Sometimes my team and I will have been watching a toy during that process for so long that we look each other and say “hey, that’s not new for this year…” but then immediately realize that it is- because its new to you and your kids! 

So even though there are many thing on our list that you have yet to see, our list is just about complete- and this season is going to be FUN! (well what else? I am talking toys right??)

We cannot share the list just yet but cannot wait til’ we can! -Because when the kids get excited about the toys, add them to their holiday lists- that’s when the fun really begins!

The kids are going to be excited. We are excited.

Not just because of our list (though that’s a big part) but because there is so many new things to come from us this year.

This year, The Toy Insider will be partnered with Walmart and Woman’s Day, which is where you will be able to find our published list & all of the toys listed first (look out for the Nov. Issue).


Our sites are relaunching with new easy to use designs.


So soon you will be able to find all information on the toys listed on The Toy Insider list on our new and improved site- (not live yet, but bookmark it and check back! 🙂 )


This site, (The Big Toy Book) is also undergoing some changes, making it easier for you to purchase many of the toys listed on The Toy Insider right here, as well as include some GREAT  private sales you will not want to miss.


I will be sure to keep you up to date on the toys and when we are ready to announce our list (closer to when you are ready to begin buying).

And for now, I will continue to talk about some of this years trends and as always, love to receive emails asking for suggestions and advice. or Laurie@thebigtoybook

Oh! and for our Twitter and Facebook fans, we of course, we expect to have some great giveaways @TheBigToyBook twitter chats and parties as well- a great place to win some of the hot toys for the holidays.


– Laurie


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