Guest POST: New Grandma

12 Sep

When my daughter got married I think I was more excited because I knew there would be grandchildren coming.

When she told me she was pregnant, I was beyond excited. I started planning the baby shower immediately. When she went into labor, my whole attention was on her “my baby”, but once my grandson arrived, I can’t even describe the feeling I had. I’ve never had such a happy feeling swoosh over me like that before. At that moment I knew I wanted to spoil this boy with lots of love and anything else he wanted.

I try as a brand new grandma, not to be a budinsky and I watch “How” I give advice. I let my daughter know that she’ll be receiving tons of advice and opinions but to use her maternal instinct and she won’t make a wrong choice. Afterall, isn’t our first child a test case? If they’re fed, dressed, clean, and alive and happy- I say success. Well that’s what I used to say- The rules totally change when you become a grandparent. This baby needs to have whatever he wants and I’ve been searching for all the latest and best toys for all ages. I’ve gotten up to his fifth birthday so far. Already thought about what sports he’ll play, how we’ll splash in puddles, How he’ll call when mom or dad is giving him a hard time. You know all those “No’s” you say to Your Children….yeah well, we save the “Yes’s” for our grandchildren.

Things change so much with what doctors say to do with babies. For instance, when my kids were born, they had to sleep on their stomach. Now they have the infants on their back. Having raised two healthy girls (alive and happy) I feel I was successful, but now here’s this little prince and I sometimes have to ask my daughter what I should do. It’s a little weird or maybe it’s because I don’t want to make a wrong choice. I had to learn how to use the carriage, car seat, and the pack and play (not sure if they even call them that anymore). The first time I went out in the car with him, I had no idea how to get the car seat out…embarrassing, thank goodness my daughter was there. Pacifiers now come in ages…who knew…a paci was a paci. The nice thing is that she gets to tell me how to do things too.

I now understand my mother, I’m saying the same things she said that I hated ….. “When you were little…..” I want to be there every wakened minute, I want to hold him all the time and kiss his face over and over. It’s funny how just when you think you have it down, life throws these curves in your path. This of course is the best curve ever. I wonder if as I learn to be a grandma if it’ll be easier with the next one…just like when you have children.

I love my children to death but I am head over heels in love with this little boy… my Prince T! He will do no wrong, he will be very advanced (he already is), he will be the best at whatever he does. I will spoil him, and he will have my whole heart.

Isn’t that what grandparents are for?

About The Guest Blogger:

Rachel Ferrucci is the mother of 2 girls (23 & 18). She owns her own Bath and Body business, Touch’d and can be found blogging about her life as a Mom and Grandma on her blog, or talking about life as a young, edgy Grandmother on her live Mingle Media web show “The G Spot”.


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