New Game Time Fun for Holiday 2010

27 Sep

“Game Time” means something different to everyone.

For sports fans it means watching their favorite teams play, for gamers it all about playing their video games and for many game time is simply breaking out a board game with friends and family.

Playing games is something my family and I often do after Sunday dinner or Holiday gatherings.

This past weekend, was my Grandmother’s 75th birthday and I got her a new game that I fell in love with at Toy Fair this year, SCRABBLE FLASH.

Scrabble Flash- Ages 8+

In a lifetime,  a person will undoubtedly play Scrabble more times than they can count. It’s a game that can be played by kids and adults and Scrabble Flash takes it to whole new level of fun.

Each digital tile displays new letters and in a “beat the clock” format you have to spell as many words as you can before time runs out. When time is up, the tiles display your score and then the max score… and though we’ve yet to get an impressive score, we had so much fun playing with my Grandmother for hours.

What I love most about Scrabble Flash is that you can play individually or as a group- and either way it is a lot of fun.

Today, The Toy Insider’s annual Top 20 Hot Toys list was announced – giving us a little sneak peek into what is going to be the must have’s this holiday, and listed on there were some other great games for various age groups.

For little ones-

Hide & Seek, JoJo Interactive Bunny

18mo +

What kid doesn’t like Hide & Seek?

Hide JoJo’s magic carrot while JoJo lowers his ears and counts to 10 and JoJo will seek out the carrot & celebrate when he its found!

For the older kids, other toys that made the list were:

Ages 6+


Anyone who attended our Sweets In The City event during Blogher can tell you exactly why this one is a must have. It is addicting! We have received feedback from bloggers telling us that not only did their younger kids love it, but this game was a big hit with teens and Mom & Dads too!


Ages 6+

.Scene It- Disney Magical Moments

Scene It is a movie buff’s favorite. This one is more niche’- testing the knowlege of not only movie lovers, but Disney lovers.



Ages 13+

Glee CD Board Game

If you are a “Gleek” like I am, you will want to check this one out. Based on the hit TV show, players will be asked to sing, dance and act out answers to trivia questions. Perfect for that Glee Finale Party- don’t you think?



Have you come across any new games you love?

Which ones are they??


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