Fancy Nancy Inspires Self Expression

12 Oct

Fancy Nancy joined The Big Toy Book’s Private Sale Store this morning, and to say that this little girl has become some what contagious is an understatement.

I bring you exhibit A-

Our E-commerce Mom, Dell

From here on in, this picture will be known as- The Fancy Nancy Effect (she’s going to kill me for posting that pic).

But, I think to pinpoint exactly what is so lovable and contagious about Nancy is best shown in my next set of pictures.

Exhibit B-

This is my daughter.

My very own, living Fancy Nancy.  She is two and  currently going through a shoe & accessory obsession.   Every morning she makes it very clear what she wants to wear- typically not outfits I’d put together, but as she beams proudly “Mama, look- HOT SHOE”, the outfit suddenly transforms in my eyes from messy to fancy- because that is how she feels.

When I was a child, I went through a similar stage when I would only wear ruby red-glitter shoes (a la The Wizard of Oz). In my eyes, those shoes fancied up any out fit – even sweat suites!

And what’s more is that it’s not just a girl thing. My son is 5 and loves piecing together his own outfits. His construction boot/plaid shorts combos aren’t frilly or glitzy but much like my daughter’s they usually do not match and he beams with pride that he’s done it all on his own.

Of all the stages children go through, the “Fancy” stage is special because it is so empowering to them. They feel independent. They are proud, and though we sometimes don’t want them leaving the house in their picks, we  are proud.

It’s these moments that come to mind when we look at Fancy Nancy or read her books. We see our children, we see ourselves as children (revisit exhibit A) and that is what makes her so incredibly  lovable.

What is the craziest outfit your little one has ever put together?


One Response to “Fancy Nancy Inspires Self Expression”

  1. Paula October 12, 2010 at 3:10 pm #

    Awww so adorable!!! 🙂

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