Guest Post: Birthday Parties, Headless Style

13 Oct

Did you know that October has more birthdays than any other month? I do. 2 of my 3 kids have birthdays this month, and my other child? November. We’re in full birthday mode around here, not to mention all of the fall holidays and trying to get prepared for Christmas. It’s no wonder I call myself ‘headless’, right?

I’ve found that the simple parties are the best.

The following are tips to throw the easiest, cheapest, and most fun party for your kids, the headless way!

1-Plan it for after school on a Friday. We live close to the school so I can meet the kids and walk home but if you live in a more spread out community you could have parents drop off the kids but have your start time no later than 30 minutes after school is out.

2- For boys: Have soft-foam dart guns and extra darts available and set them free in the back yard. (Alternately you could provide ‘light sabers,’ or whatever small, outside toy your child is into this week.) They can form teams or it can be a free for all. No need to supervise other than just being around. The kids can handle it and will enjoy the free play time.

For girls it could be craft supplies, dress up clothes, mani/pedi supplies, the sky is the limit. Remember: this toy, or craft, is their ‘goody bag’. It doesn’t need to be costly.

3-Have water and simple snacks available.

4- Serve dinner: pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, whatever the birthday boy or girl loves right now. Remember: make sure it’s easy! Kids love simple food.

5-Can’t forget the cake (or cupcakes,) and ice cream!

6- Shoo the kids out the door at a reasonable hour (3 hours is usually a good run time for this kind of party,) pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, collapse on your couch, and pat yourself on the back for being done!

My kids LOVE this party because with our busy schedule we don’t often have a chance to have their friends over. I love this party because it’s inexpensive, I don’t have to micro-manage their play time, and it’s usually over before I know it.

Do your kids have a favorite party? Tell us about it in the comments!
About the Blogger:

Kendra, or Headless Mom as she’s known on the internet, has been blogging for 3 years. She likes football, moderate exercise and chips and queso. Her daughter is in college and her sons (age 8 and 10,) just keep her busy – that’s why she’s headless! Visit Kendra at her personal blog, The Adventures of the Headless Family, Inland Empire Family and Draft Day Suit, where she writes about her obsession with sports.

A Note From Big Toy Book Mom, Corine

We first met Kendra at our Sweets In The City Party during Blogher 2010 in New York City. We instantly fell in love with her when she handed us her business card…

Headlessmom Business CardHow could we not love her? This cute little doll now sits on top of my desk reminding me of the fun time we had at Sweets In the City!

Thanks Kendra!


One Response to “Guest Post: Birthday Parties, Headless Style”

  1. Headless Mom October 14, 2010 at 9:39 pm #

    Thanks for the opportunity to give back to the Big Toy Book community. Can’t wait to see you again!

    OK readers, it’s your turn. Give us your best, easy party ideas!

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