Holiday Crafting For Kids

20 Dec

Kids love crafting! One thing they love even more? Crafting up gifts for those they love.

The holiday season is especially great for various crafting activities because kids can craft to their hearts desire creating gifts for friends, family and teachers.

For more durable handmade gifts, you can purchase crafting kits for your children to create their own Picasso painting, ceramics, and foam-fetti picture frames, snowmen and other creatures!

But when it comes to the smaller gifts for friends and neighbors- we love candy cane crafts like these reindeer ornaments!

Photo credit: Talented Kid Zone


We even love attaching these to gift tags on gifts! They are just too sweet! {pun intended}

Here is how you can make your own Reindeeer ornaments-


  • Candycanes
  • Thread
  • brown yarn
  • wiggly eyes
  • small red pompoms
  • tape
  • glue gun


  • Place two candy canes side by side (Candycane hooks  facing in opposite directions) and tape together.
  • Cut  thread and tape a loop onto one side of the joined canes (this will be the back)
  • Starting at the bottom of the 2 joined candy canes, tie a knot around both and begin wrapping with brown yarn. (Stop wrapping when you get to the hooks)
  • Using hot glue (always with parent supervision!) glue on two googly eyes and one red pom nose on to the yarn.

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