Snow Day Survival Ideas

12 Jan


For a school aged child, is there anything more exciting than hearing the phone ring with the message of just 4 simple words:


Kids love the snow and what’s not to love? … Well besides the fear of of cabin fever, that we parents know all too well. But cabin fever is preventable if you have some activities and ideas to keep the kids busy! Today we thought we’d help by passing on some of our favorite snow day activities.

1.) Warm {and adorable} snow gear. Pictured top right are some really cute winter accessories by Kidorable. We cannot say enough about them. There are so many styles- your kids are bound to fall in love with one of them!

2.) Fun, fresh outdoor snow play. Once your child is all bundled up to play in the snow, give them a variety of ideas to play- snowball fights, snow angels, forts, and of course sledding! There are some great snow discs you can purchase but if you don’t have a snow disc or sled- improvise! Use a large pool tube or follow these instructions to turn a plastic Garbage can lid into sledding fun.

3.) Hot Cocoa. One of the best parts of snow days, is coming in from the cold and warming up with a delicious warm cup of hot cocoa. Jazz up your cocoa with mini marshmallows and use those extra candy canes for stirrers that will transform your hot cocoa into a peppermint mocha dream!

4.) Bake. Something about baking and snow just seem to go hand in hand. Kids will love helping you make cookies, brownies, or a snowman cake! We also love these marshmallow snowman pops. And if you want to some mess free baking fun- we love the Melissa and Doug cookies (pictured top left) and brownies sets. Kids love pretend baking almost as much as the real deal!

5.) Game fun. Today’s video games are so interactive and fun, they can really get kids up, moving and burning some of that endless energy they have.  Break out wii sports, Xbox Kinect or these plug and play games that you can easily plug right into your TV.  Family Games are also essential for a snow day!  Some favorites we love  are: Bubble Talk, Truth Be Told, Crazy Creatures and the Rubik’s Slide.

6.) Craft, Craft & Craft some more. Crafting can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like. You can do simple coloring or painting activities with your little one – we love the Noodlehead’s stretched canvas Young Picasso set (pictured bottom left) or more advanced crafting activities like making picture frames and ornaments. Disney’s Family Fun site has some great winter crafting ideas for kids.

7.) Snuggle up for a movie. Break out a favorite dvd, or rent one on demand or from Netflicks! In our house we love to snuggle up to a movie with some popcorn and a nice warm blanket- my little one loves her Zoobie– So relaxing!

Enjoy your snow day!



One Response to “Snow Day Survival Ideas”

  1. sarahtherebel January 12, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    I recommend a Wii dancing game like Experience! You have so much fun and then everyone is ready for a nap 🙂

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