Two Favorite Trends From Toy Fair 2011

21 Feb

As you know, I have spent last week at Toy Fair 2011 seeking out the coolest toys coming out in 2011. The problem is though, there were just *SO* many cool new toys that it was near impossible for me to choose my favorites.

However, there were 2  trends in particular that popped out to me as a mom over and over again.


No I am not talking about the mouse, I’m talking miniatures; teeny baby versions of what we saw last year. The smaller the better- because small stuff is just adorable!

This year LaLa Loopies are mini (which btw I think I might love more than the full size doll!)-

Zhu Zhu’s have babies (and a slew of adorable new accessories not pictured)-

and small travel-size play sets, like Mega Brands Hello Kitty and Smurf sets will be hitting store shelves and without a doubt be appearing on kid’s wishlists.


Video Games -to- Toys

Today our kids are all about the video games, but surprisingly this love for video games seems to be translating well from digital game to tangible play toy! It’s a trend that is actually quite refreshing since it helps cut down on kids screen time.

Mattel is introducing an Angry Birds Knock On Wood Playset.

photo credit: Kids Tech Review

Other manufactures, such as Commonwealth Toys are also introducing plush toys for mobile game favorites Angry Birds and Cut The Rope.

Photo Credit: PC Magazine

but perhaps the most surprising of them all-

This year, Techno Source took Tetris (a video game favorite of 20 years!) to the dining room table for family game time fun!

Tetris Link by Techno Source

What do you think about the new trends emerging on the toy scene?


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