Quick Easy Tips to Squeezing in a Fitness For Mom

23 Feb

I read a brilliant quote on a friend’s Facebook page the other day: Tomorrow’s body is today’s workout.”

As “CEO” of my household, I know how difficult it is for us busy moms to find the time {and energy} for working out. But, as a woman, I know how hard we can be on ourselves when we look into the mirror. Others may see me as a strong, petite, average-sized woman, but all I see are love handles, saggy boobies, and a flabby belly.

Between taking care of our families, cleaning out homes, grocery shopping, and schlepping our kids around town, it’s easy to push off exercising until tomorrow. But if we continue on that path, we’ll never look into the mirror and be content.

A few years ago, I started taking Zumba classes here and there. I’ve always been bored by the thought of elliptical training or walking on a treadmill, but I’ve had a love for dancing ever since I was a child. I was intrigued by the Zumba fitness philosophy of “ditching your workout, and joining the party.” I was also intrigued by their claims of burning upwards of 500 calories with just one hour of booty-shakin’ fun. Weight Watchers and sporadic Zumba workouts started to make a difference in not only how my clothes fit, but how I felt. I had more energy, and was starting to feel confident and sexy. No sooner did I realize that I needed to add one more thing to my “placemat”….and so I became a certified Zumba Instructor. I wanted to help other moms gain confidence and sculpt bodies that they wanted to see when they looked into the mirror.

I encourage you to find something you love to get your heart-pumping, otherwise you will always find something else that “needs” your attention. Checking to see if there are any Zumba classes in your area is a good place to start {don’t be fooled, anyone can Zumba–you do not need much coordination nor a dance background to join this party!}. Here are some other simple things you can do today to get the body you want tomorrow:

  • Drop and give me 20 – push-ups, crunches, anything! We all have time to squeeze in 20 anything’s! Making lunches? Pause for 20 squats. Drying your hair? Do 20 calf raises.
  • Make push-up’s your BFF {and I don’t mean push-up bras!}. Doing a simple modified push-up works so many parts of your body, and using your own body weight is not only a safe way to work out but it’s also free! Brushing your teeth? Place your hands on the ledge of your sink and do some push-ups. Playing on the floor with your little one? Get on your knees and do a few more! There’s nothing more efficient and easy to do to help sculpt sexy arms, a nice back, and a tight belly!
  • Don’t wait around for a good parking space! Pick the furthest spot and hike it into the store. Pushing a cart full of groceries and kids to and from your car is an added bonus!
  • Do you watch a favorite show at night when the kids are sleeping? Spend commercial breaks doing crunches instead of snacking.
  • Brush your teeth as soon as you put your kids to bed—doing so will make you less likely to reach for the popcorn or cookies as minty fresh breath curbs your appetite.

About The Blogger:

Chrissy is a happily-married, child-raising, semi-homemade cooking, country music-loving, amateur-writing, hypochondriac-thinking, wife & mom of two amazing kids–“Buckaroo” {age 6} & “Miss Mac” {age 3}.

When she is not running her household, she can be found reading celebrity gossip magazines {when she has a minute to herself}, watching chick-flicks {when it’s her turn on Netflix}, spending quality time with friends & family {as often as she can}, shopping {also as often as she can}, and sometimes {though it should be more often} working out!  Her placemat {note: a business card would not be big enough!} includes duties as a wife, mom, business owner, blogger and everything in between.  She blogs about her life as CEO of her household over here. In her “free” time, Chrissy is a Zumba instructor as well as a contributing writer for several online publications.

Follow Chrissy on Twitter: @Cmacceo


One Response to “Quick Easy Tips to Squeezing in a Fitness For Mom”

  1. B February 23, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

    Don’t knock the push up bra as your new BFF! It might not tone those arms but it does do something for the self esteem! LOL

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