Douglas Toy Fuzzles Pass The Lovability Test

12 Apr

Having the unique opportunity to work with toys, my children are convinced that I have the coolest job in the world. And every once in a while I am reminded of just how right they are.

The other day, we received a box from Douglas Toys. Douglas Toys makes quality cuddle toys and this week I was being asked to review their fun, floppy and fuzzy Fuzzles line.

I opened the box in front of my 2 year old and before I even got to pick one up, my daughter squealed in delight and claimed one her own.

Was it was the bright paisley print that spoke to her instantly? Was it the cute faces of the characters? What ever it was-  The Fuzzles owl, whom she named “Ella”, quickly became part of our family.

Ella goes to bed with her every night.

She takes Ella to the bus stop to pick up her brother from school.

She even took Ella to The Cheesecake Factory with us this weekend for lunch- and shared her milk with her.

As a Mom reviewing the Fuzzles line, I could instantly say they are adorable- they are soft and 100% snuggable… but only a child can truly measure a toys’s love-ability.

And it is in the little moments like these

That I get a glimpse into just how priceless that love can be.


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