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2010 Holiday ALL-DAY Toy Extravaganaza {Twitter Party}

29 Nov

Now that we have all had a chance to check out some of the great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, we here are The Big Toy Book are ready to ring in the holiday season with our annual Holiday Toy Extravaganza!

Last year we partied online all day long with over 300 of you and gave away over 18 of the hottest holiday toys!

Since it worked out so well last year with our hourly pre-party leading up to our official Twitter Party we decided to do the same this year. After all, we want to make sure you all get a chance to join in the fun!

(Never been to a Twitter Party? … No worries! Get the details on how to participate here)

Here is how our 2010 Extravaganza will work–


Follow us official Twitter handle: @TheBigToyBook

Follow our Big Toy Book Moms and Toy Experts: @Toyinsidermom @ToyTrendExpert @ToyBookShopGirl @ToyBook

RSVP by leaving your twitter handle in the comments below

Between the hours of 12pm and 5pm we will be giving you a chance to win a pre-party prize!


Monster High Doll (Exact Style TBA)


Lego Duplo Set (58 pcs)


Velcro Kids Pirate Ship


LaLaLoopsie Doll (Exact style TBA)


Mighty Beanz Star Wars


Fuzzoodles (Exact set TBA)


{{ Take a break… grab some dinner… put the little ones to bed…. pour a glass of wine…}}


JOIN US BACK ON TWITTER at 9pm (ET) for even more chances to win!

Our toy experts will be talking about trends, answering your questions and giving suggestions for little ones of all ages on your list!

During our chat we will be giving away the 8 more hot- holiday-toys:

Mega Bloks Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer

Olivia 2-in-1 Transforming Playset

LalaLoopsie Doll (exact doll TBA)

Fin Fin Friends Tropical Aquarium

Bop It Bounce

Toy Story- Buzz Blast Off

Twinkle Twinkle Little Violet

Paper Jamz Guitar







$50 Big Toy Book Cash for you to do some holiday shopping in our Private Sale Store!

Grand Prize $50 Big Toy Book Cash

To win our GRAND PRIZE: Help us spread the word by retweeting this message

” Join This Holiday’s Biggest Toy Extravaganza w/ #thebigtoybook Tues. Nov 30 ALL DAY LONG”

See you there!

Contesting details:

Winners will be chosen by random draw and Q & A participation.

Winners at pre-party are eligible to win at 9pm Party.

1 prize per person at 9pm party.

All winners must be present to win. If winner does not respond within 24 hours we reserve the right to choose another winner.



Grateful Giveaways!

15 Nov

Tis’ the season of giving!

We are super excited about the event we are sponsoring this week because we get to donate to one of our favorite charities- Toys For Tots!

Starting  today, November 15th thru November 19th, 12 big hearted bloggers will be hosting The Grateful Giveaway Event where they will be  adding a new giveaway every hour for 12 hours!

Grateful Giveaway - Blogger Giveaway Event - Big toy book

In addition to sponsoring one of their giveaways, we here at  The Big Toy Book will be adding toys to our Toys For Tots Toy Pile.

You can check back and watch that pile grow through out the week to see the toys that will be putting a smile on the face of some deserving children this holiday season.

While you are watching the toy pile grow, we also encourage you to join in the fun by following Grateful Giveaways on Facebook and by visiting the bloggers sites to enter to win some fabulous prizes!

Links for the hosts can be found on our Toy Pile Page.

Best of luck!

The Holiday Giveaway Bash

9 Nov

Win Giveaway Holiday Bash 2010We have a bunch of really exciting stuff on the horizon this holiday, and we are excited to tell you that we are kicking things off this week by sponsoring a great prize for  The Holiday Giveaway Bash.

The Holiday Giveaway Bash is being hosted by 12 fantastic blogger who work hard year round seeking out some of the best deals on the internet.

Together with these bloggers we are giving you a chance  to win a $50 credit to our private sale store as well as this really cool Inceptor RC Remote Control Helicopter  by Interactive Toy Concepts.

Inceptor RC Remote Control Helicopter by International Toy concepts

We chose this item as part of the giveaway because …well, its cool!

Who doesn’t love remote control toys? This one not only flies but it also is rechargeable via USB!  How great is that? (You can cross off batteries on your list for Christmas)

The Inceptor RC Remote Control Helicopter is now 20% off in our Private Sale Store.

To enter to win in the Holiday Giveaway Bash, visit these participating blogs:

Good Luck!

– Corine

SnackTime Survival Kit – A must have for Mom

22 Oct

How many times a day does your child ask for a snack? We’re betting its more than 2 or 3 times.  We are even betting its likely in 10+ range.

The “Can I have a snack?” stage is a crucial (and trying) time in parenting. It can form our children’s snacking habits for life- and children love snacks. Preschoolers especially will eat them every hour on the hour if they could, but as parents we know better- and when we have to say no – the tears flow. —Oh, The insanity.

So how do we manage snack time?

This week we are featuring The SnackTime Survival Kit to answer all those snack time woes.

The Snacktime Survival Kit includes:

– 1 colorful wooden clockboard containing 1 working clock and 3 interactive clocks

– A deck of 33 snack cards, which contains photos of fun & healthy snacks on one side, and nutrition information to learn about on the back.

(*gluten-free and other special dietary needs snack packs are being worked on.)

You and your child chose 3 healthy snacks for the day (I recommend picking out 5 before going grocery shopping & rotating those for a week)

Set the 3 smaller clocks to your child’s snack time

Enjoy playing the matching game What child doesn’t love the Matching Game? To smaller children, that is essentially what the clocks will be– AT FIRST. They will match their snack clock to the working clock on the top to know when it is snacktime has arrived.

Teach them how to tell time. The SnackTime Survival Kit has a secret hidden added bonus (at least I think it does)- and that it teaches time on a real clock. After a few weeks, my son was coming in saying things like “Its not snacktime yet- its only 10 and 15 o’clock”. It’s a definite start- right?

This week we have The SnackTime Survival Kit on Private sale for over 30% off– so hop on over and check it out. I’m sure you will love this product as much as we do!


Fancy Nancy Inspires Self Expression

12 Oct

Fancy Nancy joined The Big Toy Book’s Private Sale Store this morning, and to say that this little girl has become some what contagious is an understatement.

I bring you exhibit A-

Our E-commerce Mom, Dell

From here on in, this picture will be known as- The Fancy Nancy Effect (she’s going to kill me for posting that pic).

But, I think to pinpoint exactly what is so lovable and contagious about Nancy is best shown in my next set of pictures.

Exhibit B-

This is my daughter.

My very own, living Fancy Nancy.  She is two and  currently going through a shoe & accessory obsession.   Every morning she makes it very clear what she wants to wear- typically not outfits I’d put together, but as she beams proudly “Mama, look- HOT SHOE”, the outfit suddenly transforms in my eyes from messy to fancy- because that is how she feels.

When I was a child, I went through a similar stage when I would only wear ruby red-glitter shoes (a la The Wizard of Oz). In my eyes, those shoes fancied up any out fit – even sweat suites!

And what’s more is that it’s not just a girl thing. My son is 5 and loves piecing together his own outfits. His construction boot/plaid shorts combos aren’t frilly or glitzy but much like my daughter’s they usually do not match and he beams with pride that he’s done it all on his own.

Of all the stages children go through, the “Fancy” stage is special because it is so empowering to them. They feel independent. They are proud, and though we sometimes don’t want them leaving the house in their picks, we  are proud.

It’s these moments that come to mind when we look at Fancy Nancy or read her books. We see our children, we see ourselves as children (revisit exhibit A) and that is what makes her so incredibly  lovable.

What is the craziest outfit your little one has ever put together?

Introducing our "Choice & Voice" polls

12 Aug

We are always listening to your suggestions and would love to hear more.  When we ran our 1st Melissa and Doug sale, there was a lot of feedback asking for puppets, costumes & more wooden toys… and we brought it!

Now we are looking to give you, our community a bigger voice in just which products you save the most on!

Introducing our Choice & Voice Poll.

This poll will only be opened until 3pm (ET), however in the future we will definitely run it a little longer.

So here is your chance- LOVE Melissa and Doug? Want to save bigger? … Let us know which product you would like to see discounted deeper for the last day of the sale (tomorrow)!

Which Melissa and Doug Toy Should The Big Toy Book add an extra savings on?customer surveys


29 Jul

If you were to visit our house, you would without a doubt hear “EMMO” being chanted by my {almost} 2 yr old, over and over- along with the occasional “cooo-kieee”, in her raspiest voice. I’m not sure when this all started, but it is certain- much like her parents in the 80’s, this child loves her Sesame Street.

So if your little one is as Elmo-obsessed as mine, then this next private sale is for you…. and me too! 😉

Beginning today, The Big Toy Book’s online private sale store will feature deals up to 40% off Sesame Street playsets by K’nex!

The K’nex Sesame Street Neighborhood collection allows your child to build the neighborhood they know and love the most- Sesame Street. They can build their favorite characters as well as buildings and cars. The building blocks in these sets are chunky and made especially for little hands.