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The Potty Training Trials: No Pressure.

25 Jan

As a first time parent, you hear a lot about different ages and stages that you will experience- especially “the terrible two’s”. But when my son turned two,  it wasn’t the “terrible two’s” that frightened me… it was potty training. I remember thinking “Where do I start?”

I read books, blogs and googled advice til my face was blue…. and after all of that research, I decided my method was going to be the “No, pressure- when he’s ready method”. I introduced him to the potty, asked often if he had to go- and made a big ol’ fuss when he actually went…. but I never stressed when he didn’t.

“He’ll go when he’s ready” – and he did- for the most part. By 2 1/2 he was partially trained- and by partially trained I mean, wet diapers didn’t bother him- but he was sold on not walking around with a stinky diaper. A little backwards from how children typically train- but it was a good deal. He didn’t fully train til 2 weeks before his 3rd birthday. It was one of my most proud parenting moments. It had been a whole year of training- but I did it stress free- and it worked.

My mother always told me that girls train easier than boys, so I thought I would use my same “no pressure” method and it would work even better second time around because- well, girls were “easy”.


Well let suffice it to say that all adage “Mother is always right” isn’t always true.

At first my daughter was all about it, and I was thrilled… but somewhere along the way, she decided- eh, this is too much work– and now at 2 1/2  Princess Sassy Pants refuses to EVER go on the potty– at- all. I tried rewards, I tried everything… and well- now that she is 2 1/2 my “no pressure”-stress-free method is close to being thrown out the window… as I begin to panic, that I am living our all of the nightmares I was afraid of 1st time around.

We have been using the child seat on top of the bathroom toilet, because that is what we used with our son and it worked like a charm. But clearly, our princess is a completely different child so we have been considering looking into training pottys.

And like our Toy Book Shop girl read my mind, she recently added some great wooden potty training chairs to our store’s inventory!

I love how you can put your child’s picture in these-

And this one  below is multifunctional- as a potty AND a rocker!

Are these the most adorable potty’s or what? …. I don’t know that it is the magic trick, but I sure am going to try.

Do you have any tried and true potty tips or tricks? I would love to hear them!!