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Choosing a college: Back to square one?

4 May

I thought it was over, I really did. I picked a college, I put a deposit down, I had a roommate….and then I got accepted into somewhere else…..

So finally I am a senior, yay! right? Well, it wasn’t all fun and games. First I had to get through SAT’s, then the ACT’s,  then to make a list of schools, and begin my application process– which wasn’t actually as bad as I expected, mostly because I was so excited to move on that it was the first thing I did when I got home from school everyday. Call me crazy, but by early October I was done. Yes, I was done and I was done early, and I was excited! .

I began getting letters back from colleges early too- some acceptances, some deferred, and sadly even some rejections.  I remember opening that first letter.   I wasn’t expecting it at all, I just figured it was a letter saying that they received all my information. I opened the envelope not thinking anything of it. I pulled it out and called my friend saying “I think I just got into college!”  It was more of a state of shock than anything else, it was also a sigh of relief.  Getting those acceptance letters was a great feeling, but the best feeling is when your first school is an acceptance; it gives you that feeling saying “hey I’m really going to college.”

After that first letter, more letters came rolling in. It was fun to receive them in the mail even if it wasn’t an acceptance.

There was one school I saw while visiting that I fell in love with, I didn’t get in. I knew it was a harder school for me to get into so when I received my rejection letter- I focused on the other schools that I got into, and really felt fine with it. Obviously it wasn’t meant for a reason and this school didn’t even have my major.

When I began applying to schools, James Madison University (JMU) is one that I didn’t know much about.  My guidance counselor put this one on my list, because she saw it last year and fell in love with it. So I applied and was accepted!  After receiving the acceptance letter, I had heard that about eleven people from my school applied to and I was one of two who got in! So I decided I needed to learn some more about the school. I began talking to a graduate from my high school who goes there and loves it and another girl I met, slowly it began reaching to the top of my list.

When my Mom and I got to campus we walked around for a bit and said ehh, it’s pretty but not that big. We got into the car to find a hotel for the night when we crossed over the highway and saw that there was an entire other half of campus, we laughed about it and looked around, now the campus really became something. For me, the only down side of the university that I found was that it is 6 and a half hours away from home andthe transportation wasn’t the best… but over all the school is beautiful.

So I put my deposit down.

Then shortly after I began over thinking if I actually wanted to go there. I went to my guidance counselor and she told me that almost everyone begins to second guess their decision after they put a deposit down, this made me feel a lot better and I realized that there was no other school I wanted that I got into.

… Although there was one I didn’t hear back from. But it didn’t  matter. I wouldn’t get in anyway.

Fast forward to yesterday.

I received the letter from that last one, SUNY New Paltz, and it was an acceptance letter! I got in!!

New Paltz is the complete opposite of JMU.  I thought I wanted a big school with the “RaRa” life, but not filled with the crowd and personalities in my town, that’s what I wanted to get away from. I wanted people who were down to earth, I wanted to get away. New Paltz is a smaller school, without the “RaRa”, but still getting away from my town. And my parents think I should go see it.

Both schools are beautiful, but now I am back to stage 1, deciding where to go. This, is the hardest part of the entire process, I know you can transfer, but my goal is to pick a school where I am going to be happy and stay there for my entire college career.

 *sigh*  What to do?