What Is A Twitter Party? How do I Join in?

What is a Twitter Party?
A Twitter Party is a virtual party or group of people on Twitter who are all “tweeting” and engaging in conversation simultaniously about a specific topic. (For example: Holiday Toys!)

Think of it as having a get together with your closest friends in the comfort of your own home- only they are all inside your computer- on Twitter.

Our Twitter Parties last 1 hour and occasionally have pre-party prizes, in-party prizes and special toy brand panelists and experts.

How can I join in on a Big Toy Book Twitter Party?
To be a part of the discussion you must have a Twitter account (they are free and sign up is extremely simple!)

Once you have signed up you should follow @thebigtoybook to get updates, links, and information on the party. Once you are into Twitter, you must search for The Big Toy Book hashtag (#TheBigToyBook) for the party. A hashtag is a simple way of tracking a conversation going on about a specific topic or Twitter Party — in real time.

If this is your first time using Twitter, no worries! You can participate as much or as little as you like. Just make sure if you want to join in the party and comment, you include #TheBigToyBook hashtag in your tweet so everyone at the party can see it.

For example: “This is my first Twitter Party! I’m so excited! #TheBigToyBook”

Another great way to follow along in a twitter party is to follow along in TweetGrid or TweetChat.

For a video tutorial on using Tweetgrid for Twitter Parties see the video below:


Hope to see you there!

The Big Toy Book Moms


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  1. Anonymous - November 29, 2010

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